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Based on the positive reaction I received from readers, I realized there was a larger story to be told. With just a few changes to “it began with Serenity”, I found I could reposition this first Chesapeake Station as Episode One, the first of a three-part series. To help distinguish it from Serenity I gave it a new name, Chesapeake Station: Evil Never Sleeps. The story remains essentially the same, only now the reader is prepared for what lurks in Episode Two!

Watch Don Hussey’s Chesapeake Station interview:

Praise for Chesapeake Station

Hussey’s follow-up to Ticket is a fictional ride, from the depths of the Hingham author’s vivid imagination to the heights of outer space.”

—Dick Trust, Wicked Local Norwell. Read the full article

Chesapeake Station is a masterpiece. A rich, thought-provoking, SF novel, filled with episodes of mayhem and desperation. It is with great pleasure that I recommend this non-stop thriller to teenage and YA audiences everywhere.”

—Paula Hayes, Master of Library Science (MLS). Recently retired Director of
Teen and Children’s Services, main branch, Boston Public Library

A chilling glance into an apocalyptic future. Nonstop action from cover to cover. Electrifying!”

—Michael Miceli. Air-to-Air Missile Systems and
Microwave Design Engineer (BSEE), Boston, MA.

Chesapeake Station has a thrilling and imaginative plotline with a setting unlike anything I’ve ever read! Learn some American history and then take a ride with me into the future. I love this book!”

—’Sir’ John Goggin. A brilliant young adult reader who was so excited after
reading this book, we made a decision to include him!

It stirs the imagination. Chesapeake Station is a well-written, frightful tale that made me stop and think. I didn’t want it to end.”

—Guy Stadig, United States Navy Veteran, WW II

A timely subject and a brilliantly written storyline. Many high school students in today’s world find reading to be just plain boring. Slide Chesapeake Station under their nose and see what happens. They might even thank you!”

—Susan McGeoghegan, MED. Retired Norwell High School

Praise for Ticket to Ride

I just finished reading this beautifully written and truly gripping, personal memoir. I must tell you, it was difficult to put down. There are scenes where my heart nearly stopped. It’s a true story of a young boy who grows up poor and under the abusive hand of a hateful stepfather.
It’s a story of a young man who quits high school to find work. He supports his mother and younger (hemophiliac) brother, then leaves to find his future and pursue his dreams.

It was hard to imagine how in the world this young man ever managed to keep his wits, his sense of humor, and his focus on the future. You realize early on, nobody was going to stop him… nobody!

I found myself wanting to crawl inside this book, hug that little boy, and then find that stepfather and wrap my fingers around his neck!

There are moments where you will laugh out loud, and moments where you will close your eyes and cry. There was no quit in this young him.

I loved this book!

—Amazon Review — 5 Stars!

The theme of Don Hussey’s story is the hard-won wisdom that comes from never giving up and never giving in, no matter where we start in life and what we must overcome. That determination, along with his brutal honesty, brave integrity, and unbounded compassion make his memoir a handbook for survival and an inspiration for pursuing our dreams.

—Sandy Kaye, Professor of Humanities, Curry College, and writing teacher, Harvard University Extension School, Boston.

Ticket to Ride is a heart-warming story of remarkable human resilience.

—Janet Osterman, MD. Vice Chair Education & Training, Associate Professor, Boston University School of Medicine.

I am proud to call him a friend. This book is a great story of one man’s odyssey in America. Definitely a must read!

—Senator Robert L. Hedlund, Minority Whip, Massachusetts State Senate, State House, Boston, Massachusetts.

A non-stop story of courage and ambition in the face of relentless adversity. Ticket to Ride will make a great inspirational movie. Best of luck!

—Larry Babb, Movie and TV producer. Past director of the Massachusetts Film and TV Bureau.

An inspiring and gripping story of a young boys’ journey into manhood. His courage and determination enabled him to escape the poverty and abuse of his early years and achieve the American Dream. A rich tale of triumph over disaster. It touched my soul.

—Ann Collins, 1st class of WAVE Naval Officers during WWII and the First Lady of the Sparrow’s Point Shipyard in Baltimore, MD. “2010 Citizen-of-the-Year,” Hingham, Massachusetts.

As America prepares the future and enhances our schools and colleges to face the educational needs of an expanding world, America will continue to make a difference in hope and opportunity. I endorse that dream, and I’m delighted to endorse this remarkable man and his Ticket to Ride.

—Dr. O. Clayton Johnson, Chief of Staff at Michigan State Defense Force, President at Vanbrook Associates and Doctorate, Social History and Higher Education, Rutgers State University

This story needs to be in every high school and college across America. A masterpiece tale of youthful self-reliance and determination to succeed! The impact of this book will be profound!

—Alistair Newton, Noted author and creator of the O’Keefe Series, Windward Publishing, Berkley, Massachusetts.

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Update from Chesapeake Station World Cruise

It’s been an enlightening journey as we’ve traveled around the world by ship, and I’ve met and heard from fascinating people. Pictured here is William Thayer, guest maritime speaker on board the Pacific Princess ship. He has terrific research on Amelia Earhart, Capt Cook, Drake, Howard Hughes, he was a test pilot for Hughes etc. many historic figures throughout history. Google him. In the meantime, after sailing north in the Red Sea (without incident) for the past three days, we’ve finally docked in Jordan. Jordan is and continues to be an ally of the U.S. From the starboard side of the MORE>

A World Tour to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of Nuclear Weapons

On January 3, 2017, I enlisted my wife and my California based coordinator and his staff, to help promote a renewed global awareness regarding the threat posed by the worldwide expansion of nuclear weapons. At present there are no less than 10 major country states engaged in the development and stockpiling of nuclear weapons. Some nuclear initiatives concentrate on developing sources of energy and defense, many others are centered around offense measures to dominate the world. Our target audience are the Millennials: those 30 to 35 years in age. The future belongs to the Millennials. Our objective is to instill MORE>