Chesapeake Station: Evil Never Sleeps Now Available

Seawall Books, Inc. announces their latest book, Chesapeake Station: Evil Never Sleeps (Episode One).

Following the introductory novella referred to as Serenity, comes the newly released Episode One of the Chesapeake Station Series. “Evil Never Sleeps.” 

Episode One, Evil Never Sleeps, is intended to encourage young adults, and the public at large, to stay focused on the state of affairs in today’s world. All must assume an active role in the ever growing political deeds and misdeeds of our day. This first in the Chesapeake Station series brings into remarkable focus the use and misuse of nuclear technology and the growing threat of a nuclear nightmare.

The incidence of violence both domestically and throughout the world must be confronted and eliminated. None of it promotes a healthy respect for life and certainly does not allow young people to grow up without the fear of what might happen next.

This is an adventure – a fast-paced, frightening adventure of nuclear extortion, mayhem, political intrigue, and evil on a grand scale.

Winter 2196

Episode One, Evil Never Sleeps.

*   *   *   *   *

Serenity is a medium size cruise ship of 74,540 tons, bound for the Caribbean out of Anchorage, Alaska. On board are 2605 passengers and crew. High-spirited high school students on a senior class trip from Tacoma, Washington, have arrived to join the cruise in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Also on board is a nuclear device stored in the ship’s safe.

In the backdrop of this seemingly endless and senseless chaos, President Katherine H. Delgado, is presented with a series of unimaginable and catastrophic events. Events that go far beyond the battleground of armed conflict…far beyond reason or even comprehension. At stake is the very existence of Earth itself!

There are no restrictions or limitations in an imaginary world, bearing in mind that much of what I’ve written here, may be far from the imaginary. Don Hussey 2016


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