On “The Big Screen”

Don Hussey and Seawall Books, Inc. have entered into an agreement with Screenvision Direct, a New York based motion picture advertising firm. Screenvision provides production and media solutions for cinema advertising on the Big Screen. Under this agreement Screenvision will be providing media advertising for Seawall Books’ signature work, “Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America,” a gripping inspirational memoir – a true story.

The timing of this agreement is significant. Students will soon be returning to high school and college or perhaps entering college for the first time. They will find this book powerful as it conveys real-life episodes of the challenges that may lie ahead. Graduation is the goal… the only and most important goal, and students need to know that it is achievable no matter the odds or obstacles. This is a must read for all students, especially those who are underfunded and perhaps unsure of themselves.

The Big Screen segments will be going live on August 10th in several movie theaters in the metro-south region of Massachusetts including Martha’s Vineyard (Edgartown).

For more information about “Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America,” please visit our web site at www.donhussey.com. First Edition copies are still available. Pay Pal orders are signed by the author and mailed the same day.

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