We’re all in this together.

When you give freely of yourself to others you walk away feeling good about yourself. Providing support to those less fortunate, especially when you’ve been in those shoes yourself at one time or another, is essential to the survival of the human condition, that is to say, we’re all in this together. We should respect one another and help others whenever we can.

Last Saturday, the 7th of July, I donated my time and several of my books, Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America, to the public at a fundraiser in Quincy, MA. The fundraiser was organized by a group of dedicated individuals devoted to ending domestic abuse. All of the proceeds went to supporting the cause known as, “Survivors Outreach for Victims of Domestic Abuse.”

I had the pleasure of working with several interns, some of whom were from Turkey, the Bahamas, and China, as well as a young man from Concord, MA. Many others were from Quincy, MA where the facility is located. The director told me she needed to raise immediate money to help families and provide services for those in need.

I enjoyed myself and feel I’ve contributed to a good cause, and I feel good about that! I wished them well and encouraged them to contact me again if they need additional support.

If you’re interested, the Massachusetts Survivors Outreach for Victims of Domestic Abuse can be reached at www.masso.webs.com

Also, contact Survivors at Unite.MA@gmail.com

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