We’re having a wonderful time.

We’re having a wonderful time meeting and chatting with new friends as we continue our promotional book tour. “Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America,” is now becoming a widely acclaimed inspirational story of courage, determination and youthful ambition—a guide for college and high school students as they search for success in school and in life itself… no matter the obstacles. The older generation is also finding the history and references to our military past refreshingly honest.

We’ve had TV appearances and co-hosted several radio programs along with book signings in libraries throughout the Massachusetts South Shore mixed in with appearances with Rotary Club events, charity and church festivals, signings at Barnes and Noble, even a trip to Memphis, Tennessee and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with plans in the fall for Raleigh, St. Louis, Denver, including stops along the California coastline to the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve recently returned from Nantucket Island by invitation to attend The First Annual Nantucket Book Festival. We settled ourselves aboard the high-speed vessel out of Hyannis for the trip across the calm waters of the sound to the docking bay 30 miles at sea. The spotless white tent nestled in the park across the cobblestone street from the Whaling Museum in the center of town was the perfect setting for authors and buyers alike… a unique and festive atmosphere on a very special island off the coast of Massachusetts. The island boasts enough history to fill the hearts of any adventurers seeking answers to the past. Rich and exciting tales depicted throughout the island chronicled by the early settlers who risked life and limb in their quest to harvest the whale oil from the deep waters of the South Pacific. From this epoch past emerges a tale of the Whaleship Essex, captained by George Pollard, Jr., a masterpiece account of high drama on the seas written by Herman Melville, Jr. in 1851. The massive sperm whale, Moby Dick relentlessly rammed the hull of the Essex in the summer of 1820 until it slipped beneath the waves. Nantucket… rich in history from a time now long past. Vibrant Nantucket continues today as an eclectic, scenic community, yearning to share with us its unending heritage.

A little later next month, the Scituate Heritage Days summer festival will to be held along Front Street near the harbor; an annual summertime custom. We’ll be there offering our, “Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America,” to the thousands who attend each year. So, set aside Saturday and Sunday, August 4th and 5th. for plenty of summertime fun along the south coast of Massachusetts. We’ll be posting more on this event on our web site shortly. Scituate has been called by many in the media as, the gateway to the Cape; the locals call it, “the Irish Riviera.” Don’t miss it.


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