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Chesapeake Station

In the pursuit of power, man often sows the seeds of his own destruction. It isn’t by chance. It’s fueled by ego and driven by man’s inherent desire to exercise power over others.

Once the basics of food, shelter, and the means to defend no longer play a dominant role, man focuses his attention on the pursuit of power. It becomes the main attraction—the intoxicant. The question then becomes, “where are the limits; how far and to what end?”
When hubris drives the man, consideration for others is often marginalized. As this mindset gathers momentum, he conscientiously ventures beyond his rational self to a place known to but a few. Ambition and greed become the abiding masters.
It is across this threshold that evil takes hold, evolving into a deadly playground – a playground for tyrants.

Chesapeake Station, is the story of man’s quest to seize control over vast sectors of the Galaxy. “We will exercise, with force if necessary, complete dominance over all those who enter our sector,” announced Stargazer with unmistakable resolve.
The reader will be blindsided by a series of unexpected events driven by nuclear emissions, hell-fires, mayhem and extortion, all woven together in a fearful tale of evil on a grand scale.

June, 2188 – The continued proliferation of nuclear weapons has now grown beyond the borders of the United States. Earth has been jolted time and time again since the first explosions in the 1940s. Saving the world now rests with the newly elected 74th president of the United States, Katherine H. Delgado. Unimaginable events begin to unfold on board a cruise ship after leaving the arctic waters off the coast of Alaska.

Passenger Treagor Huntsman has come into possession of a microchip that reveals a terrifying plan. He and Hale, and the others, race against time to save each other, their fellow passengers, and the Earth itself, but time has run out!

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Ticket to Ride by Don Hussey - Book Cover

Ticket to Ride

In this unflinchingly honest memoir, military man, public school teacher, successful small businessman and candidate for the US Congress, Don Hussey describes in rich detail how he, after dropping out of high school, outwitted the odds to bring home his “ticket to ride.” Fighting his way through every setback and obstacle, Hussey set his sights on the impossible and never looked back —until one late-night accident of fate stopped him cold. How he responded is the triumph over adversity that has come to define him. It is the lessons learned then, and throughout his remarkable life, that he shares in his Ticket to Ride.

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