Author Don Hussey Book Signing at The Snug

Don Hussey book signing

On Friday, June 13 Don Hussey attended a book signing at The Snug, a popular Irish pub in downtown Hingham, Massachusetts.

Hussey presented his two published works: Ticket to Ride and Chesapeake Station.

Ticket to Ride: The Promise of America is a gripping personal memoir originally written as a letter to his son, a U.S. Army soldier who was preparing for deployment to Iraq. Hussey wrote what he could given the constraints of time, then flew to Ft. Hood, TX and handed his letter to his son. Hussey recalls, “I arrived just as my son and the others exited the briefing room for the flight line where two C-130s awaited departure to Kuwait. He wasn’t expecting me, so it was an emotional moment for both of us. I pressed my letter into his hand and told him he could read all about me on the flight. Then we hugged and said good bye.”

Hussey’s second book, Chesapeake Station: It began with Serenity, has just been released. Hussey explains, “It’s a frightful tale of nuclear mayhem, extortion, political intrigue, and evil on a grand scale; it’s a work of science fiction set in the year 2188. Although Chesapeake Station is intended for the young adult reader, the implications have universal appeal, realizing that much of what I’ve written is and continues to be far from the imaginary.

As one of my young adult readers points out, ‘Chesapeake Station has a thrilling and imaginative plotline with a setting unlike anything I’ve ever read! Learn some American history and then take a ride with me into the future. I love this book!’”

Hussey concluded, “It was late in the afternoon of Friday the 13th, and the pub was hopping. Of all the book signings we’ve had over the past three years, this was one of the most enjoyable!”

If you’re in Hingham, MA, visit The Snug and have a taste of Ireland!

Both of Don Hussey’s books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and via PayPal through this website.

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