Chesapeake Station: Who Will Survive?

Chesapeake Station by Don HusseyThe year is 2188. Chesapeake Station introduces a diverse mix of youthful heroic figures who assume responsibilities well beyond their age and experience. Timely events throughout the narrative speak to the proliferation and danger of nuclear weapons. Widespread episodes of political manipulation fueled by greed and extortion have exposed the intentions of the ambitious mind. We are now living with the growing reality of a country in rapid decline.

Is the imposition of Martial Law in the United States, inevitable?

Historic American figures come to life through a hand-written journal left behind and hidden among the ashes of time. Benjamin Franklin, John and Abigail Adams, Henry Knox, Nathan Hale, General Howe, Patrick Henry, and others.

The very survival of America rests largely with the strength and determination of a new generation of leaders unwilling to jeopardize their independence or surrender their freedom.

It’s in your hands!

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