A World Tour to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of Nuclear Weapons

A World Tour to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of Nuclear WeaponsOn January 3, 2017, I enlisted my wife and my California based coordinator and his staff, to help promote a renewed global awareness regarding the threat posed by the worldwide expansion of nuclear weapons. At present there are no less than 10 major country states engaged in the development and stockpiling of nuclear weapons. Some nuclear initiatives concentrate on developing sources of energy and defense, many others are centered around offense measures to dominate the world.

Our target audience are the Millennials: those 30 to 35 years in age.

The future belongs to the Millennials. Our objective is to instill an awareness among young people. They and those who follow are guardians of the future. The launching of nuclear weapons against other nations of the world has the potential of ending life on Earth. The Chesapeake Station series, a futuristic expose into this growing phenomenon. Episode One, Evil Never Sleeps (Amazon.com) begins in the year 2188.

Signatories of to the NPT (The Non-Proliferation Nuclear Arms Treaty) include the USA, the UK, China, France, Russia, India, North Korea, and Pakistan. Several others such as Iraq and Israel, etc. are engaged in the development of such weapons.At present, there is an estimated 10,144 nuclear weapons world-wide..

We booked a world-wide initiative on board the cruise ship Pacific Princess out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The cruise stops in 27 countries over 111 days. At this writing, we’re sailing in the French Polynesian Islands of Bora Bora and Papeete in the South Pacific Ocean. We have recently crossed the International Date Line and zero degrees of latitude.

We boarded a Jet Blue Flight from Boston to Fort Lauderdale with several suitcases, three of which were full of books. My baggage handler attempted to lift the luggage containing the books and was surprised to find them so heavy. When he hauled the luggage on top of the carry-on cart, the entire load of bags tipped over. “What’s in here,” he gasped. I just laughed and said, “books.”

“You like to read I guess,” he mused.

“Actually.” I said, “I’m on the first segment of a book tour.”

I helped him restore the load and we headed for the gate.

The 650 passenger ship is scheduled for six segments, and is completely booked with travelers from around the world. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of them to discuss events of the day, especially as regards my writings and the need to pay attention to world affairs. We’ve now begun a give-a-way program for those I feel would benefit from reading one of the three books I’ve brought along. Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America, Chesapeake Station, it Began with Serenity, and Episode one of the Chesapeake Station series, Evil Never Sleeps.” Visit the website: www.donhussey.com for more information; be sure to open the YouTube tab, “Media Room.” at the top.

I will be receiving two additional shipments of books when we dock in Auckland, New Zealand and in Hong Kong. over the next several weeks.

From New Zealand we will be docking in Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, and eventually Abu Dhabi, and Honk Kong, before a passage through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean.

I will continue to post updates on our travels throughout this initiative. Earth, the little blue planet, tucked inside the vastness of the Milky Way Galaxy, is the place we call home. As generations pass, the continued future of mankind depends largely upon the use and misuse of nuclear technology.

Chesapeake Station, an orbiting space station, is in a fixed orbit around the planet Echo, within the  star system Tau Ceti, one of Earth’s closest habitable zones.

Chesapeake Station: Who Will Survive?

Chesapeake Station by Don HusseyThe year is 2188. Chesapeake Station introduces a diverse mix of youthful heroic figures who assume responsibilities well beyond their age and experience. Timely events throughout the narrative speak to the proliferation and danger of nuclear weapons. Widespread episodes of political manipulation fueled by greed and extortion have exposed the intentions of the ambitious mind. We are now living with the growing reality of a country in rapid decline.

Is the imposition of Martial Law in the United States, inevitable?

Historic American figures come to life through a hand-written journal left behind and hidden among the ashes of time. Benjamin Franklin, John and Abigail Adams, Henry Knox, Nathan Hale, General Howe, Patrick Henry, and others.

The very survival of America rests largely with the strength and determination of a new generation of leaders unwilling to jeopardize their independence or surrender their freedom.

It’s in your hands!

YA Science Fiction Novel Chesapeake Station: An Excerpt

Chesapeake Station by Don HusseyToday, I thought I would share a short excerpt from my young adult science fiction thriller Chesapeake Station.

Security personnel from the main office were right on schedule. Treagor wiped his brow with his sleeve and began breathing more slowly as he paced back and forth from behind the front desk. He turned, locked the inner office door as he left, and returned to the basement. After fumbling with the key, he unlocked the lower level office door, rushed over to the package, unsnapped the razor knife from his belt, and without hesitating ran the knife along the seal breaking through the electronic adhesive, which instantly transmitted a cryptic signal advising the package had been breached. Continue reading

How Does Chesapeake Station Relate to Millennials?

Chesapeake Station by Don Hussey

We have always stood on the side of our allies, supporting them both financially and often through armed intervention.

Many of us remember the peace in our land following the end of World War II (1945) and the Korean War (1953). I was 10 years old when the Korean War (often called the Korean Conflict) ended. I remember learning of the “A” bomb and the “H” bomb while in the fourth grade. During that period we were told to protect ourselves by crouching under our desks.

Thanks to the strength, courage and commitment of the U.S. Military, the relative peace which followed the end of the Korean War lasted from the summer of ‘53 to late ‘64. It was a period of not only peace, but unprecedented economic growth and stability in America.

Then in 1964, Vietnam began taking center stage. The French had withdrawn from the ongoing conflict in Southeast Asia in July of ’54, and in August of ‘64, the United States Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution—the bombing of North Vietnam began shortly thereafter. U.S. Troops poured into Vietnam during the weeks and months that followed. The goal was to support the South Vietnamese and stop the spread of Communism throughout the region.

President Nixon ended our commitment to the South Vietnamese in March of ‘73, turning over responsibility for the war effort to the South Vietnamese. Although our military fought mightily alongside them and Congress supported them with financial aid and weapons of war, they were not up to the task. Following our withdrawal, the North Vietnamese marched into the South with little resistance.

Eventually there was peace once again in America. We can never repay our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard for the sacrifices they endured on many fronts during those years; a debt that still hangs heavy over the conscience of our nation.

As time marched on we were drawn into another conflict: Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm when Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait in August of 1990. The Gulf War begins.

So how do these facts relate to Chesapeake Station and the current “Y Generation,” the Millennials”?

This current generation of Americans, born between the years 1980 and 2000 have never know peace. They can only relate to the world they were born into and the global chaos of our time. Today’s youth are living during a troubling and frightful period in American history, not only on the International front but the domestic front as well.

The Millennials would be in their teens and early 30s by now. Many of them were very young when the Twin Towers in New York, along with over 3,000 souls, were destroyed by Muslim militants associated with the Islamic extremist group, al-Qaeda—a Jihadist group originating in the Middle East.

Chris Kiley writes in a Special Report regarding the 911 attacks (www.airdisaster.com), “September 11, 2001 brought the costliest man-made tragedy in the history of civilization to the United States of America.”

Chesapeake Station was written to awaken and encourage the present day young-adult population to stay focused on the current state of affairs in today’s America. Take an active role in the widespread political deeds and misdeeds of our day that now threaten our freedom and compromise our security. Chesapeake Station talks about the future and the past with a focus on the misuse of nuclear technology.

The ever expanding violence both domestically and throughout the world must be confronted and eliminated. None of it promotes a healthy respect for life and certainly does not allow for young people of grow up without the fear of what might happen next. At the very least, we owe our children a happy and peaceful childhood.

The Millennials must lead our country into the future. The national mid-term elections in November of this year (2014) will help stabilize our fractured government and promote peace through renewed strength and unity of purpose. Vote in November and cast out those who are raiding our treasury and squandering our future for personal and political gain. There seems to be little or no regard for our collective defense on the world stage.

So please, listen well, learn and act accordingly, and read Chesapeake Station. It will inform you and more importantly, it will open your eyes!